Let’s face it – no matter if you are going for a short drive through the country or a year long trip around the country, travel is a part of just about every American’s life. Christian Adventurer wants to help you find the perfect travel location for you to do what you love to do!

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The Rogue River Gorge on Hwy 62 between Crater Lake and Prospect,

Another Wrong Turn – Great Trip

My wife, Mary, and I have lived in Oregon a few times. Each time we have taken back road trips where we didn't know where we were going and sure enough, they were all fun. Well, we were sitting at home and decided we were tired of watching the non-stop President Trump bashing on the news so decided to take a drive. As we live about 35-miles from Crater Lake, we figured we would take a drive around the rim (this is the second time we were going to do this... and didn't make it). As we were going up ...
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